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A very inconsistent group of 50 icons*

* Some of these icons have been made months ago, some of them today, so the quality or this post will be very inconsistent. I also hope this post will be the first of many - more frequent - others. I didn't notice how little I've posted this year.

tv shows: dark angel | doctor who | game of thrones | lost girl | pushing daisies  | ringer | skins | teen wolf | the fades | veronica mars
movies: harry potter
celebs: amanda seyfried | katie mcgrath | kristen bell | zoey deutch

dark angel | doctor who

game of thrones

game of thrones | lost girl

lost girl | pushing daisies

pushing daisies | ringer | skins | teen wolf
teen wolf | the fades

the fades | veronica mars | harry potter

harry potter | amanda seyfried

katie mcgrath

katie mcgrath | kristen bell | zoey deutch

Hope you enjoy!
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Tags: [celeb]: amanda seyfried, [celeb]: katie mcgrath, [celeb]: kristen bell, [celeb]: zoey deutch, [movie]: harry potter, [ship]: arya x gendry, [ship]: chris x jal, [ship]: kenzi/hale, [ship]: luna/neville, [ship]: max/alec, [ship]: ned/chuck, [ship]: stiles x derek, [tv show]: dark angel, [tv show]: doctor who, [tv show]: game of thrones, [tv show]: lost girl, [tv show]: pushing daisies, [tv show]: ringer, [tv show]: skins, [tv show]: teen wolf, [tv show]: the fades, [tv show]: veronica mars
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